I would like to introduce holyspiritsanctuaryshop.com. We are a faith based company producing faith based custom printed products from Home Décor to T-shirts.


About me

 I have been a Christian for most of my life. I renewed my faith in 2011 when I was baptized by dunking in water. I was given the gift of the Holy spirit a few months later. That increased my faith dramatically. I started letting the Holy Spirit lead me by faith over the next 4 years. During this time, he moved me across the country from Mt. Rainier to the land of Corn. I had never before seen so much corn with rolling hills. God is in everything, especially nature.  When I got here, God provided a job for me, a place to live with positive people in my life, and in time, a wonderful church in which I continue to grow and flourish. My spiritual language continued to grow, and I learned how to hear from God and to prophesy. I became more confident and sang and spoke in front of the church. I changed jobs and the job was picked by God. It was a God anointing. It changed me and brought my confidence to a new level.

 I have always wanted to love people, to show who God is, and to help others. I am a creative person at heart. I also am a kid at heart and love to create things. God said that someone in the church would start painting. A little later, I started painting and painted faith based signs. God had told me to use what I had and more would come later.

 A few years prior, I had started a non-business Facebook page to encourage others. I wanted to do more but wasn't sure what. I knew I wanted to show people who God was, to be a motivational speaker, to sing, and to be creative. I had confirmation from prophet and revelator Kat Kerr and the pastor of my church. I came across an ad for Shopify, and knew that this was my avenue. So I got up the confidence and started this shop. I source blank products, create custom faith based designs on them, and then publish them to my store. I'm looking forward to serving you and showing you more of what God can do and is all about.

Holyspiritsanctuaryshop wants to be your place to go for all of the Christian faith based retail needs.  Enjoy your time and thank you for letting us serve you.